UnoVPN also lets you install apps requiring a UK or US IP address. Pricing. A user can try out their 8-day Gold Trial package to get an insight about their features. When you are satisfied, you can activate gold or premium plan which comes with 100% refund guarantee. There are two pricing plans for UnoTelly; premium at $4.95/month and gold at $7.95/month. Pros: Easy setup; Robust connection

Download VPN application for all devices - Enjoy state-of-the-art features in OneVPN apps. UnoVPN is different. Its an awesome VPN service from UnoTelly. When you access Geo Restricted contents, UnoDNS works only for that time. But by using UnoVPN, you can enjoy everything anytime. You can use a different network from your home. Suppose, you are in Bangladesh. By UnoVPN, you can enjoy US/UK or other networks from your country. As a result, you will be able to enjoy every Geo Blocked UnoVPN on your Windows -> Setup. UnoVPN on your Mac -> Setup. UnoVPN on your iOS Device -> Setup. UnoVPN on your Android Device -> Setup. After setting up the major thing is the channels and the subscription rates that UnoTelly offers to the users. Once you subscribe know that you have access to over 300 channels that are from different The same log policy applies to UnoVPN as well, so you cannot expect ground-breaking privacy features from this company. UnoTelly VPN also states in their policy terms that they do not use these logs for making money by selling it to third party ad and marketing companies, but we cannot be 100% sure about that. 04/01/2020 · UnoDNS+UnoVPN, aka Gold Plan, is priced at $7.95 per month, $19.95 per three months, $36.95 for six months, and $59.95 for a year. Gold allows the same DNS service as the above Premium plan, with PPTP and OpenVPN support for their VPN feature, servers in five countries (Canada, the US, the UK, Netherlands, and Germany). The company explicitly

What is UnoVPN? It's a high quality VPN service: no logs, cheap price, friendly support, DoubleVPN, 256-bit encryption, TOR access, fast connection speed, and much more

Unlike the UnoVPN, with the DNS service, it can be setup on as many devices as you want, and used simultaneously at no extra cost. Using the App on your Android and iPhone and computer all at once will not cause any issues. Conclusion. Once again, DNS is not a security feature, and does not encrypt or protect your data in any way. But, for If you are located outside of the United States, you might find yourself blocked from sites such as, Netflix, some YouTube videos, and other television networks websites.

With UnoVPN, you get to unblock all the channels of UK and US even if they are not supported by UnoTelly. Apart from this being the major difference, there are also some other notable differences as well. You can use UnoVPN to unblock the websites as well, whereas the Unotelly DNS is only used for unblocking the UnoTelly channels list.

“UnoVPN cannot be used for torrent purposes. Any users found using UnoVPN for Torrents and other Illegal P2P sharing apps will be have their service terminated without refunds.” Security. I’m pretty easily satisfied when it comes to encryption protocols, since I use OpenVPN AES-256-bit encryption almost exclusively. And if you weren’t UnoVPN, on the other hand, lets you install apps that need a UK or US IP address. So if you want iPlayer on your Xbox One in the US, you can use a UnoVPN UK server to install it. It also keeps UnoTelly offers two main services UnoDNS; a DNS service (Domain Name System) and UnoVPN: VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. Unlike premium providers (including NordVPN and ExpressVPN - we suggest you check them out!), users can't break free from the shackles of any restrictions placed in their locations and take advantage of popular streaming services around the globe.